Olympos is a harmonization institution. With its unique and proven know-how, Olympos helps clients in professional growth, increasing performance, and also improving the results of professional athletes.


Thanks to this unique collaboration, we had the opportunity to create a confident presentation for Olympos, and present the new face of the brand in the online and offline world. Olympos approached us with an already finished visual identity, with which its owners were not satisfied. Our task was to prepare the visual of the brand, which will have a minimalist but at the same time confident and purposeful impression.


Visual identity

As Olympos focuses mainly on cooperation with athletes and sports clubs, in the visual identity we worked with the idea of ancient Greece, which is associated with the emergence of the Olympic Games. The very name of the company - Olympos - is based on this theme. In order to maintain the simplicity of the visual identity, which was our goal from the beginning, we decided to work with the typographic version of the logo and transform the symbolism of the Olympic Games into a unique custom geometric font.

When choosing colors, we also drew into the psychology of colors. The visual identity was to give the impression of harmony and peace but at the same time self-confidence and strength. We made this impression by combining green and brown in their unusual and a little bolder shades.


Our goal was to create a simple but interesting and unique website that explains in detail what Olympos deals with and at the same time presents case studies of individual reference clients. We started by designing the content and its layout. As there wasn't much content for the website, we decided to prepare a "one-page" website. Instead of dividing the information into individual subpages, we have made scrolling an "experience" in which the user intuitively discovers new information. For easy editing and creation of case studies, we have prepared a tailor-made administration system.


We wanted to impress with the Olympos website. Because it carries all the most important information about the company, we needed to break it down into easy-to-consume logical units. At the same time, we tried to fill the homepage with interesting elements that will encourage the user to scroll down and discover more information about the company. By using a suitable background video, we were able to underline the visual identity of the brand and evoke a sporting spirit. The background video also acts as a unifying element across the entire homepage.

olympos hero area
approach GIF
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Case Study Subpage


It was a pleasure to cooperate with Art4web. The whole team has been perfectly organized. We especially appreciate great communication, imagination, creativity, and a sense of detail. We are very satisfied with the logo and the website has crossed our expectations. We are pleased that we have selected Art4web and we recommend them to all who seek uniqueness, perfectionism, quality, and a professional approach.

Dávid Špak  –  founder, harmonizer