The company HROMADA focuses on the development of managers and salespeople. A team of HROMADA's experts share their many years of experience in the field of human resources with clients from Scandinavia, Balkans but also from Central Europe.


Such a great team also deserves a great presentation! That was the reason why the client addressed us with a request to create a new representative website, which will catch the attention of the user at first glance. And since we at Art4web care about every detail, we also took care of the light logo facelift – the basis of the company's new and modern visual communication.


Logo facelift

From the first look at the HROMADA logo, we had a feeling that it is a little "crowded". The logo combined two ideas - HR was visually separated not only by colour and font style but also by connecting the letters H and R. In order to make the logo look more serious and mature even after years, we decided to simplify the logo by removing the H and R connection and by creating a monochromatic version. This way we also achieved better readability, while the symbolism of the logo remained unchanged.

logo Hromada

New website

As the old website no longer met the current demands and needs of our client, it needed changes in several directions. Over the years, HROMADA company has moved from the sphere of recruiting to the sphere of employee and manager development. Therefore, we strengthened this communication in the new design and focused users on a wide range of trainings, seminars and other ways of self-development. We also focused our efforts on simplifying the navigation on the website, so the user always finds relevant information and easily gets to the subpages where he should perform certain actions – sign up for a seminar, find out information about the company or contact the company. We balanced the minimalist design with animations and interactive elements so that the page wouldn't look too strict.


The homepage is a showcase of the entire website, it should briefly and quickly introduce the company and its products and services. With this idea in head, we started designing the homepage. We wanted the website visitors to see at first sight what is HROMADA's business area and give them the opportunity to quickly get to the portfolio of products and services. Therefore, we placed into the header four interactive points with a simple animation, which subconsciously guides the user to click on them and thus get deeper into the page where they will discover more about services. Another interesting element on the homepage is the slider used in the Upcoming open seminars and training section, thanks to which the user has a quick overview of training and seminars that will be available in the near future. On each subpage, we also used four "call to action" banners located above the foot of the page, which give the user the opportunity to move quickly across the page even after scrolling. 


Design of main subpages

subpages copy
subpages copy 2

Functionality of CMS

Inquiries aggregation 

One of the biggest advantages of tailor-made websites is the adaptability of their administration to the exact requirements of the client. We always try to make our system handy, easy to use and at the same time provide our client with the widest options possible for editing the website. Contact and application forms are one of the most important parts of the HROMADA website. Therefore, we adapted the environment of the CMS system so that the inquiries from these forms are aggregated into one table with the filter possibility according to the type of the form. In addition, we've selected the most important information in the spreadsheet to catch the eye of the client as soon as they log in.


Content blocks

Content blocks are functionality that we like to use for clients who need to modify the portfolio of their products or services quite often and flexible. Using the content blocks, the client can easily create a new product or service detail page and organize the content in it clearly using various types of modules.

After the successful completion of the cooperation, we must confirm that the positive references to Art4web were justified – as for creativity, creating process, communication during the implementation, but also the overall result. We appreciate the modern and comprehensive perception, the fact that in Art4web they were not afraid to stand up for their opinions and regulate our proposals, which could devalue the overall result. They have consistently led the website development to the end and have always been willing to explain to us what will the proposed changes bring us. They supported us even after the website was up and running, which helped us a lot. Thanks again for the great collaboration.

Ing. Igor Hromada  –  Managing Director