QBOOTH – full name QUIET BOOTH – are “phone booths” designed for shared areas like open space offices and co-workings. QBOOTH brings the comfort of privacy and the possibility to better concentrate without the disturbing effects of the shared-office environment. With this website, we responded to the client’s need for an official online presentation of his product and also prepared a redesign of the visual identity.

Case study intro display

The challenge

The client wanted to introduce the main features of the product in a nutshell and give the potential customers easy access to contact the company.

We decided to show off this product with emphasis on the visuals but in a minimal design to help the visitors to better understand all the benefits of the booth. We divided the website into 5 parts, each presenting a key aspect of the product. All connected with a smooth animation. As the user scrolls down the website, he gradually discovers the product features uniquely visualised in 3D and 2D graphics.

The animations

For the presentation of the main highlights of the product, we chose a combination of 3D animation and 2D vector animation. 3D graphics is animated based on the scroll using JPG sprite and 2D animations are done mostly in Lottie.

Natural Light
Ventilation System
Easy Moving
responsive mobile
desktop homepage