Real estate company Territory came to us after changing its name, asking for our help in establishing a strong visual identity for the new brand. Our task was to capture the essence of the new brand, establish its visual communication, and prepare the design and front-end development of its website. We created a simple logo with a symbol representing contour lines that symbolically refer to the meaning hidden in the name. We further developed this element into a pattern that visually connects the brand’s online and offline communication. The new visual identity kicked off the website creation process. Our main goal for the website was to make it look professional, modern, and easy to understand, so people can quickly learn about Territory and services they offer, while also highlighting the properties for sale or rent advertised on the website. After finalizing the design, we translated it into front-end development using the Vue.js framework.

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About the brand

Territory is a licensed real estate agency based in Slovakia that values long-term relationships with clients. They provide top-notch services, financial advice and intermediation. Their team of experts is dedicated to realizing their vision and enhancing the world of real estate. They prioritize protecting their clients' interests and providing a high level of professionalism.

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Andrea Némethyová  –  CEO & Founder
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